Creative research and exhibitions


From early career Stefan cultivated two streams of professional activity: commercially driven and experimental design, or arts-based research. His arts projects have included conceptual works in a variety of graphic and sculptural forms, installations and design for contemporary performance.

They have been selected for festivals and exhibited many times in Australia, Japan, USA, South Korea and elsewhere. And featured in books and reviewed in publications since 1987. Performance works he designed between 1987 and 1995 toured Australia and overseas.

His work is in the permanent design collection of the WA State gallery. And was the first Australian designer invited to exhibit at the prestigious VIA in Paris in 1991 (Valorisation de l'Innovation dans l'Ameublement).

Numerous projects have been supported financially by the Australia Council for the Art, Ministries for the Arts in NSW and SA, industry sponsors and private patronage. 

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The boundaries between commercial and arts driven activity have been consistently and intentionally crossed, and often used to catalyse one another. In part this is aimed at recognising 'process' as inseparable to 'object'.

In particular, concentrating on the notion that designers and makers contribute different values; exponentially enhancing creative agency when these are not the same individual. Making the challenge, and reward, of creative production a social one. An idea that saw many deep collaborations with industrial manufacturers on work that would be presented as art.

+ list of selected exhibitions

  • 2007 Design Touch, Tokyo Midtown, Tokyo Design Week
  • 2007 Australian Fashion Showcase, Australian Embassy, Tokyo
  • 2004 Vivid04, Sydney [Melbourne]
  • 2004 Design Innovation Showcase, Aust Int’l Furniture Fair, Sydney
  • 2004 Tyranny of Distance, Tokyo Design Week
  • 2004 Seoul Design Week, South Korea
  • 2003 Bond, Hotel Claska, Tokyo
  • 2002 Hybrid Objects, Australian Embassy, Tokyo
  • 1992 Acquired by Western Australian Art Gallery
  • 1991 Festival of Arts, Adelaide, Australia
  • 1988 1st Int'l Symposium of Electronic Art, Utrecht, Netherlands
  • 1987- 97 Solo and group exhibitions Tokyo, Los Angeles, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide