Product design, materials and manufacture

As a designer, Stefan has created products in many categories using a diverse range of materials and technologies that have included glass, timber, metals and digital manufacture.

His work has received awards internationally and appeared in books and design publications over 25 years.

Publicly funded industry research initiatives have helped manufacturing clients to innovate in material, technology and processes.

Prototype and experimental works have been exhibited at design festivals in Australia, Japan, South Korea and USA, and he has designed for the Australian Prime Minister and other dignitaries.

Design—human factors, form and function


Stefan's design experience spans the product development cycle and includes market viability analysis, user experience and ergonomics.

Designing of products and the materials & processes that make them is perhaps the most instinctive of his disciplines. From beginnings with early technology devices in 1980's, through furniture in 1990's to consumer products in 2000's his work has explored and innovated in concept, form, material, technology and process.

Production—engineering and management


He has invented patent technologies; initiated co-creative ventures with manufacturers and received multiple grants for collaborative industry research.

His projects in this field range by contrast from experimental, R&D consulting to end-to-end design solutions, seeing hundreds of thousands of products sold worldwide.

He is comfortable and knowledgeable on the factory floor and understands a wide range of production technologies. He draws great satisfaction as a designer in the exchange of an idea on his part for a well made article on the part of a craftsperson or machine.