Placemaking, wayfinding & information in the built environment

Qualified in graphic design and engineering management, Stefan found application in the discipline of placemaking, wayfinding and experiential graphic design in mid-1990s.

He lead delivery of several Sydney 2000 Olympic infrastructure projects, including Olympic precinct, stadium and associated transport links. Then to manage high-stakes projects in SE Asia, becoming known somewhat as an authority in large and complex schemes.

A status attributed in-part to high quality projects and a mentor in Garry Emery, a celebrated international expert in this field.


Strategy—masterplanning and human factors

Architectural and urban projects, transport and human-environments all require user-strategies. As a specialised field Stefan has been involved in placemaking, wayfinding, masterplanning, and leadership of these processes as Design Manager.

Fluency across technical languages like engineering, architecture and graphics; strong spatial perception of often unbuilt environments and human-centred design practices all contribute to his long-standing reputation.


Implementation—technical design and project management

Stefan has led implementation of many environmental graphics projects, both large and small.

Serving at technical, design and contractual levels as project manager and director. He has been honoured with leading roles in high-profile signage projects around Australia and South East Asia.

As Project Manager he has worked with architects, developers, urban planners, transport and infrastructure, government and municipal agencies.

Not all projects entail built-solutions, some are research and policy focused that result in documentary guidelines and reports. The biggest of which was Stefan's leadership role in Design Guidelines for the Malaysian Government. A 1200 page policy document covering graphic, structural and planning controls for signage and public information, including road markings, throughout an entire city. As manager of overall delivery, he coordinated specialist consulting teams in Australia and Malaysia, and as the new seat of Malaysian government reported ultimately to the Prime Minister's department.

By contrast, with vast knowledge of materials and production technologies, he has been engaged often for purely technical design solutions and guidance.

In all cases his skill in project and production management, particularly contract engineering, have allowed him to lead some projects through all development phases from ideation to completion.

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