Digital, ecommerce and web development

Stefan acquired broad knowledge of the digital space over a 15 year period. It includes UI, UX, code skills, campaign marketing, operational experience, and advanced understanding of internet technologies.


Strategy—human factors and UX

With human-centred design techniques Stefan create digital strategies combines this with market insights, engineering principles and technological know-how to .

From the spatial and structural mindset of an industrial designer he understands multidimensional perspectives; aimed to shape fluid user experiences with robust strategy.


Implementation—UI, system and project management

Stefan's involvement implementing digital projects includes both UI and visual design, some technical coding and as a project manager.

He gained early hand-coding experience developing ecommerce applications before integrated services were readily available. Serving retail and wholesale channels in four currencies. Over the same 10 year period he directed digital campaign marketing across multiple customer segments, with integrated CRM systems and analytics.

He has since built several web sites and applications, on smaller scale, from hand-coding and more recently using CMS.

Technical capabilities include HTML, CSS, ASP, Javascript and others.

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